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Instagram Posting Will Never Be The Same

Whether you have just your account or you manage client's, your new Postbuddy will help free up your time for what really matter . . . Content. No more lengthly posting from your phone because with Postbuddy you can schedule out your posts in advance via your mobile phone or your desktop for even faster content publishing.

Schedule Calendar

Make it quick and easy to schedule your full week's worth of posts in minutes.

Automatic Posting

Set it and forget it. Let your Postbuddy do the hard posting work while you chill.

Multi-Account Capable

Set up as many accounts as needed. There is no limit to how many profiles you can have.

No More Constant Uploading

Content is what really matters. Time is valuable. The time you will gain by scheduling your posts for the week is enormous. Without constant uploading your account will suffer, but you don't need to waste your time doing it manually.

  • Built and designed to save your precious time
  • Specifically engineered for multi-account users
  • Gain real followers by increasing your posting
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What Your Postbuddy Can Do

You'll be able to post much more than video. We designed our system with the user in mind because we use it, too. Post any type of content you want.

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Post Stories

Want to schedule stories posts? Yup, your Postbuddy can do that.

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Post Images

The main feature your Postbuddy offers. Easily schedule images.

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Post Videos

Pre-upload your videos and make life easy on yourself to create.

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Everybody Needs a Postbuddy

Our system rocks. It's the best Instagram Scheduler on the market,
Although we also pride ourselves in our World-Class Customer Support
that's there to help 24/7.


Have a question before you sign up? We're always happy to help. Either send us a chat, email, or give us a call because we're standing by to help you.

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So you signed up . . . Now what? We're just as happy and helpful once you started service with Postbuddy. Make no mistake, we love each and every client.

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What if you need help using the system? Simple . . . Call, email, or chat us up and we'll be more than happy to walk you through the steps you need help with.

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USA Based

We're from the US and we speak perfect English, and a little spansish too. Although we help people World-Wide, we're proud to be based an ran in the USA.

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Yo I do a lot of posting because my audience expects me to provide content for them. A lot of times I schedule it out with Postbuddy because it's so much quicker and gives me freedom to live my life without having to stop and post.


I'm a photographer that's constantly shooting and it's hard for me to stop and upload content every few hours. With Postbuddy I can finally get all my images together create a dope post description and set it automatically.


To be honest I'm super lazy when it comes to posting and it's quite annoying to have to keep a consistent schedule while i'm trying the best to handle my kids, working out, and my life. This really gave me the freedom to do that.

Pricing So Good It's a Steal

Our mission is to help 1,000,000 Instagram users grow and better their account which is why we've decided to release this for free. Even the premium features are super cheap. Check it out.


$ 9 /week
  • 1 Account

  • Post Types:
  • Photo
  • Story: Photo Only
  • Album: Photo Only

  • Storage: 150mb

  • Dropbox, Drive, Cloud Import


$ 19 /week
  • 3 Accounts

  • Post Types:
  • Photo + Video
  • Story: Photo + Video
  • Album: Photo + Video

  • Storage: 250mb

  • Dropbox, Drive, Cloud Import


$ 29 /week
  • Unlimited Accounts

  • Post Types:
  • Photo + Video
  • Story: Photo + Video
  • Album: Photo + Video

  • Storage: 300mb

  • Dropbox, Drive, Cloud Import

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